Happy Birthday, Miss Jasper Scout! | Virginia Toddler Lifestyle Photographer : Winchester, Virginia

This past weekend, I had the honor of attending Miss Jasper Scout's First Birthday celebration with the rest of my "new" family! This was my husband's and my first time visiting since our wedding in May. We were so excited to see how much our lovely niece had grown since Christmas time.  Since my husband and I live 8 hours away from the rest of his immediate family, it is a huge blessing any time we are able to make the trip to spend time with everyone. My sister-in-law was inspired by shades of pink, purple, and gold for Jasper's Big Day decor. We enjoyed a feast of hotdogs, hamburgers, pasta salad, and yummy cake - that was Jasper's favorite part. ;). Miss Jasper even seemed to be taking a few steps while we were there! I'm crossing my fingers that she'll be fully walking by the time we return in six weeks. Jasper, and everyone who attended, had a wonderful time! 

Jasper,  I can't wait to see what a beautiful lady you grow up to be, and where your future takes you!


Auntie Jenna


Here are some highlights from the day:


My favorite! :)