Columbia Metropolitan Airport Military Homecoming Photographer : Columbia, South Carolina | Taylor+AJ

I was so excited when Taylor contacted me about wanting to document her husband's second deployment Homecoming. As an Air Force Wive myself, I have yet to experience my husband deploying, but I had always been interested in documenting one of these emotional experiences. Taylor and I had talked a couple weeks on Facebook while we tried to figure out AJ's exact return date. Taylor even sent me a link to her Pinterest page, so I could get a feel for what kind of photographs she was exactly looking for. I had never felt such as ease with a client before even meeting them in person, and I just knew that I SO wanted to work with THEM. From the second I met Taylor on that rainy evening in Columbia, I knew there was something special about this couple. The vast amount of love these two had for each other was very apparent. The way she talked about their relationship - their friendship with each other - just had me in aw. They are a couple that other husbands+wives should envy.

We waited nervously for the plane to finally touch down, and anticipated the long walk AJ had from the terminal to the lobby where Taylor, and their two friends, were waiting. I was even getting antsy waiting! Though AJ had only be gone a few months (on the shorter side coming from the airmen at Shaw Air Force Base), the second they had reunited, you could just tell that for the two of them, they had picked up like he had only been gone for a couple hours. 

Thank you so much for your service, AJ! I look forward to seeing you and Taylor grow together :)

Here are a couple of my favorites from their session